Not so Great Britain now, are ye? A mix I made for a mix forum

Available for download here

1. Thatch meets The Clash RichardB special
this is the speech Thatcher delivered on the steps of No 10 quoting St Francis merging into White Riot
2. Do Nothing The Specials
A nice anti Thatcher sentiment typical of the time
3. Keep On Keeping On The Redskins
famous political band of the 80s
4. The Falklands Suite RichardB special
here I’ve taken some BBC sound bites of this conflict and interspersed them into Robert Wyatt and Shipbuilding and Jonah Louie’s Stop The Cavalry.
5. The Miners Richard B Special
vocal reminiscences of this strike and the awful toll of the mine closures on communities
6. Ashes to Ashes Bowie
7. Carry on Britain! Richard B special
whilst all this was going on there was some fun around so this little mix puts a gameshow theme, Abba’s Waterloo, a bit of Eurovision, The Benny Hill theme song and a bit of audio sex
8. Tomorrow Belongs to Me Spitting Image
a chilling recording of this using the Thatcher puppet (and the rest of the cabinet)
9. Thatcher rant Ashes to Ashes
a bit of dialogue from this show (season 2 episode 1 I think)
10. The factory ghost town Richard B
here I’m reverbed the intro to Ghost Town and mixed with some ghostly field recording of a factory
11. Tramp the Dirt Down Elvis Costello

~ by rgboulter on July 13, 2010.

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