A new mix! “Do you know the letters Q, Z and K don’t appear in Welsh scrabble?”

Somebody set me a task to make a mix of music from where I’m from.  The mix below is the result – a good representation of modern Welsh music with a few oldies in there

The tracklist

1    BBC Wales vs Manics vs Rod Gilbert
2    Talk to me                                                   60ft. Dolls
3    Left to Die edit                                          Kentucky AFC
4   Hydref yn Sacramento edit                  Ffa Coffi Pawb
5    Myddyffycys Yn Bob Man                   Mc Mabon
6    KO                                                             Derwyddon Dr Gonzo
7    Er Cof Am                                                   Llwby Llaethog
8    Gethin Welsh rap
9    Mynd                                                          Datblygu
10    Stereophonics rugby advert
11    Golden Retriever                                 Super Furry Animals
12    Richard Burton on Winston Churchill

13    Merch O Gaerdydd                              Rheinallt H Rowlands
14    Cuckoo                                                      Melys
15    Ger Dy Fron                                            Mesner
16    O Bont I Bont                                         Cate Le Bon
17    Tom Jones speaks 1
18    Dallt y Dalltins                                      Tystion
19    Dinos Bangor                                         Gwilym Morris
20    Eira                                                           Jakokoyak
21    Shirley Bassey loses skirt on David Frost Show
22    Dolig                                                         Mr Huw
23    In Butcher Beynon’s                          Dylan Thomas
24    Billy The Seagull                                  Euros Childs
25    Tom Jones Speaks 2

Get it here

And to round it all off, one of the best Welsh tries I remember:


If anyone wants to discover some more great Welsh music, then I’d recommend Adam Walton a BBC Wales Dj whose page is here


~ by rgboulter on July 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “A new mix! “Do you know the letters Q, Z and K don’t appear in Welsh scrabble?””

  1. not available …… boo hoo!!

  2. Umm strange – both links work for me – if you’re doing it at work, then Megaupload is usually blocked

  3. Too intriguing to resist! Taking the Welsh goodness, thank you!

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