Going to an intergalactic space disco party

This one is for knobbygirl – an old mix of mine featuring some stellar tracks and some oddities, Leonard Nimoy singing has to be heard. This is the track list (double click image to make lager) but it should be played as one long track:

1 It’s raining starship troopers The Weather Girls plus lasers meet Hot Gossip (my mix)
2 popcorn Hot Butter
3 Electric Coconut Jeepster (with added Leonard Nimoy)
4 Magic Fly Space
5 Spacer (longer Ultratraxx Devotions Mix) Sheila b Devotion (with Buck’s twiki)
6 Do you have the force? Droids
7 Space Disco Universal Robot Band
8 Cantina Band Meco (with Twiki)
9 Cosmic Race Rockets
10Llamame (call me) instrumental Blondie
11Flash Gordon Queen
12Star Wars Theme Meco
13oxygene iv Jean Michel Jarre
14Save Our Love Escape from New York
15The Chase Georgio Moroder
16Genetic World Telepopmusic
17Good Vibrations (instrumental) Beach Boys
18Star Trek theme Leonard Nimoy
19Highly Illogical Leonard Nimoy
20Star Trekkin’ The Firm (but only 10 secs before a rocket blast destroys it)

And it can be found here


~ by rgboulter on August 17, 2010.

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