New mix – The Hello Mix

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This was to be the first mix I posted here so a bit late:

Hello Beyonce and Prince – my own mash of these two and quite a bit more
Prince – Sexy Mother
Scissor Sisters with a bit of Elton- Take your mama out with a hint of crocodile rock
The Jackson Five – ABC (but loaded at the start by me)
Spice Girls etc – Rhythm of spice (spice girls, Sammy Davis Jr, Queen and The Art of Noise all come together)
Roxy Music – Street Life
The Go Team – Junior Kickstart
Jane’s Addiction meet…. – Been Caught Stealing Jackson (they get caught up in some great Michael Jackson guitar riffs and Mr Eddie Van Halen)
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore – Goodbye

You can grab a copy of this mix here


New Mix: An Attempt At A Crowdpleaser Mix

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  • The Charlatans – Just When You’re Thinking Things Over
  • Supergrass – Alright
  • Sleeper – Inbetweener
  • Elastica – Connection
  • PhilRetroSpector – ELOasis
  • Blurry Tender Smoke – my own mash of Tender by Blur and Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water
  • Kasabian – Fire
  • Boys with Guitars – my own mix of opening riffs of Radiohead, Blur and Oasis before Clapton and Cream
  • Radiohead – Reckoner – theoretical remix by Auteur Theory
  • Fatboy Slim – Bird of Prey
  • Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun
  • Kula Shaker – Drink Tea (For The Love of God)

Dedicated to Tim A – not too obscure I hope.  And for those interested it can be found here

New music time!

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It really makes me happy to give some space to a great local band – World of Grace – check out the myspace page for some gorgeous songs. Just my cup of tea, and I hope they start playing live soon. Their lead singer has got one fine voice

Thanks for the link Tack 😉

New Mix: They Walk Among Us….a True Blood mix

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This mix was put together for my far better half, Linz.  She challenged me to make one inspired by True Blood.  I tried to avoid tracks from the soundtrack but HBO are far too good at that sort of thing so a few crept in

  1. Philip Glass (Dracula Enters) vs Preacher vs Bill Compton             A Richard B mess
  2. Angels                                                                        Black Mountain
  3. Death Letter                                                            Son House
  4. Praying Arm Lane                                               16 Horsepower
  5. His Blood Hath Made Me Whole                  Spiritual Harmonizers
  6. Sam the Man II                                                     True Blood dialogue
  7. Way Down                                                              Elvis Presley
  8. Shake And Fingerpop                                       junior walker & the all stars
  9. expressway to your heart                              soul survivors
  10. Give It Up                                                              Lee Dorsey
  11. Yo Tara                                                                True Blood dialogue
  12. frenzy                                                                   screamin’ jay hawkins
  13. New World In My View                                King Britt
  14. Hard Hearted Hannah                                   Ella Fitzgerald
  15. Eric                                                                      True Blood dialogue
  16. Swampblood                                                  Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
  17. Bleed 2 Feed                                                    CC Adcock & The Lafayette Marquis
  18. Death, The Lover                                           Clark-Hutchinson
  19. My Beautiful Bride                                       The Handsome Family
  20. Good Feeling                                                  Violent Femmes

Available to download HERE

Going to an intergalactic space disco party

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This one is for knobbygirl – an old mix of mine featuring some stellar tracks and some oddities, Leonard Nimoy singing has to be heard. This is the track list (double click image to make lager) but it should be played as one long track:

1 It’s raining starship troopers The Weather Girls plus lasers meet Hot Gossip (my mix)
2 popcorn Hot Butter
3 Electric Coconut Jeepster (with added Leonard Nimoy)
4 Magic Fly Space
5 Spacer (longer Ultratraxx Devotions Mix) Sheila b Devotion (with Buck’s twiki)
6 Do you have the force? Droids
7 Space Disco Universal Robot Band
8 Cantina Band Meco (with Twiki)
9 Cosmic Race Rockets
10Llamame (call me) instrumental Blondie
11Flash Gordon Queen
12Star Wars Theme Meco
13oxygene iv Jean Michel Jarre
14Save Our Love Escape from New York
15The Chase Georgio Moroder
16Genetic World Telepopmusic
17Good Vibrations (instrumental) Beach Boys
18Star Trek theme Leonard Nimoy
19Highly Illogical Leonard Nimoy
20Star Trekkin’ The Firm (but only 10 secs before a rocket blast destroys it)

And it can be found here

Minor hiatus

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No new mixes for a couple of weeks but will be back with a “killer”…take care and enjoy the summer

Updated link for Welsh mix

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Right you are boyos, the link for the welsh mix has now been fixed so it takes you to the right place rather than a nice picture of Ivor the Engine.